Welcome to Bast’s Garden! The playground of the Imagination!

Please excuse our dust as we build up the site. Two artists with no computer skills are attempting to create this with the help of an awesome friend who has been keeping our domain name safe for years!!!

If you have any questions about our products please contact us!
Sandra Bong: ernphoenix@aol.com, Stephanie Lynn: fatelaughs@hotmail.com
We have the Etsy and E-bay stores open seasonally.
Our Go Fund Me Page!
Long story short we are now homeless with most of our stuff in storage. We have many wonderful friends who allow us to “couch surf/ Mark Twain it” so we can put any income earned into our next booth payment. We made our agreement with our builder in good faith, and he deserves to be paid his next payment in a good and timely manner. Winter is our slow season and that is why we are asking for help.